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“We’re Lifting the Lid on How We Run Our Businesses And Exactly How We Shoot On Location and Produce Consistently High Quality Results even on Tight Budgets “

Den Lennie & Mick Jones
Den Lennie & Mick Jones

Lets be honest…. You’re probably not making enough money?

And it’s likely you are dealing with certain clients that leave you feeling cold and anxious when the phone rings…

You know, the one’s…

“I like it but I’ve got some changes….” The dreaded changes, then more changes then change it back to how it was first time around…

Or maybe you’ve invested in the gear but it sits in a bag because nobody is booking you?

What about the clients who play hardball on your prices, “…I’ve got other quotes that are much cheaper than yours…”

Sound familiar?

Ever Buy some gear and then wished you hadn’t?

(Maybe you spend too much at Christmas and the credit card bill has given you a shock…)

One thing is certain, If you do NOTHING now you will guarantee that nothing will improve in return….


But Creating a More Profitable Business….

That will Get You Out of The Pain…


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Shooting for over 20 years and running video businesses has taught us a lot about what you need gear wise and what you don’t.  But for the last 5 years Mick jones and Den Lennie have been growing 2 independently successful video production businesses one on London and one in Sydney – so what’s the secret sauce.  Why is it we are achieving 4-5 x the norm in our project budgets?

Want To  Guarantee Better Clients And Higher Profits …?


1. Increase Your Prices

Mick & Den routinely achieve substantially higher rates than the norm, learn how to build a profitable quote. There’s a reason why we routinely achieve 5 x the norm

2. Become a master of Small footprint production

Learn how to work quickly and produce stunning results in 3 hours or less

Den will share step by step how he shot a 60″ Commercial for a large Japanese Computer games company featuring Cristiano Ronaldo on Location in Madrid Spain in only 60 minutes – shooting on Red Scarlet, Canon 5D Mark III and Sony FS100.

This shoot took 5 days of planning- Den will reveal what exactly he did in those 5 days so you can grasp how to approach your won projects

We’ll break down the planning stages and how to prep for a gig like that? How to cost it up and how to approach the shoot.  What lighting to spec when the outcome is largely unknown?
How to hold your nerve when the talent arrives and be ‘on your game ‘ when it counts?

3. Are you a film making Chameleon?

The modern shooter needs to be comfortable on multiple formats. On the Ronaldo shoot we used Red Scarlet, Sony FS100 and Canon DSLR… when it really counts you need to know how your tools work.

Clients now get video….They probably have a DSLR of their own.   So in order to stand out you need to offer something more.  How do you do stand out from ‘uncle Bob and his DSLR?’

4. Do you make the best of available light

how to take advantage of natures finest.  If you know you are going to grade then using s few very affordable tools can give you stunning results just using natural light.

Fashion videos, music videos and run n gun documentary shooting can sometimes mean you are in a situation where you can’t control the lighting, whether it’s an event unfolding as you shoot it, or there simply isn’t the time and resources to set up lighting.

There are ways to maximise the quality of your images using only available light.

5. Do you know the must have lenses?

Choosing the right lenses for maximum flexibility and creative results.

6. Pre-Production Planning

Are you thorough enough?, how to avoid extra pressure on the shoot day.

7. Quotes and budgets…

Do you know how to lay out a quote to maximise profit and make sure you factor in every last detail so you avoid doing extra days for free?

How do you present your quote, your proposal and influence a client into paying more?  How do you then deliver the value?  Here’s a question?  Are you selling your client video, editing, production etc….  Or are you helping them to sell their product, service and working with them to help them realise this is about a simple investment in communicating an idea and that it should return on their investment?

8. Packing for travel

How to travel light, stay nimble and never miss a shot (and save on excess baggage)

9. Exposure and shooting for the grade

Adding the extra wow factor.  Grading is the new ‘big gun’ in your film making arsenal…If you are not embracing the power of DaVinci Resolve then you are missing out and it’s not as complicated as you might think.

10. How to make your work shine

Framing, composition and creating visually engaging ‘film like’ sequences.

Mick will share how he regularly shoots Chart topping music videos in Australia and break down how he shot a music video recently in only 3 hours

11. Optimum 1-man-band shooting

When needs must, are you comfortable enough to achieve everything on the schedule, and avoid too much stress while the client is breathing down your neck?

12. Choosing formats

Matching cameras and choosing formats – tricks to give you more for less.  You now have to be able to pick up any number of formats, be proficient in them and know how to give the client exactly what they want.  How do you do that?  You’ll discover all the the things to consider before selecting the right camera package for the job.

Mixing formats – shooting on the Canon C300 and the Sony FS700 simultaneously-how to match camera formats.

13. The Essential gear list

What to own, what to rent – The definitive guide – don’t blow your budget buying everything.

How camera body and lens kit can impact your shooting schedule and help or hinder your images.

14. Are you ready for Anything?

Fashion films, music, run’n’gun documentary, scripted… The modern shooter needs to be able to tackle anything.  Each production will have different requirements, not only aesthetically in the images, but also how you work as part of a production crew.

How to plan and get through your shot list for the day. There is no one camera and lens setup that is the best for everything, Camera package selection is crucial and can make your shoot day a dream or a nightmare.

15. Copy us

Real World case studies, schedules, planning, costs and quotes

Thankfully You Don’t Have To Figure this Out Alone…
Help is At Hand And It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

What if you could spend one day with two highly commercially successful film makers and they would peel back the cover on exactly how you can increase your profits, attract better clients and have a more fulfilling life.  Not only will we reveal exactly how we run our client work bit we’ll also share techniques, creative shortcuts and show you how we do things.

Then all you have to do is copy it!

“Under The Hood”

1 day masterclass  with Mick Jones & Den Lennie

Saturday 8th February

Pix Studios Alexandria, Sydney

This is a drop dead simple business model you can copy


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The Day In a Nutshell:

  • A Masterclass  for Aspiring and professional film makers who want to increase their confidence when working on location.
  • Small footprint shooting but want to achieve big production value looks while working on  a limited budget and tight time frame.
  • Den & Mick specialise in fast turnaround small footprint production whilst consistently delivering high quality production for major clients in London and Australia.
  • How to get past the technical considerations of your camera system and to focus on the creative applications and use of a moving image.
  • Whether you work alone or in a tiny crew wanting to shoot commercials , Music video and documentary – you have to make things look amazing often when the client is putting you under extreme pressure . So how do you still deliver the goods?
  • Together we’ll be focused on fine tuning the process for approaching such projects and sharing with you our methods for ‘pulling ‘off the goods in sometimes ridiculous time frames.


This event is  a one off and is guaranteed to transform your business head, your filmmaking skills, & confidence.

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to guarantee that you don’t miss out

on the chance to be part of this exclusive experience

Save $100 NOW and pay only $495.00 (early bird rate) if you reserve your place by Friday January 31st (full price is $595)


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This event is  a one off and is guaranteed to transform your business head, your filmmaking skills, & confidence.

Confirm Your Place Today

to guarantee that you don’t miss out

on the chance to be part of this exclusive experience

Save $100 NOW and pay only $495.00 (early bird rate) if you reserve your place by Friday January 31st (full price is $595)


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Remember, If you do nothing, you are guaranteeing nothing will change

I hope you decide to join us and transform your approach to film making

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