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Transform Your Approach to Small Footprint Cinematic Micro-Documentary Production for Corporate Films in Only 3 days  

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Advanced Cinematic Documentary Shooting - 3 day class, 22nd -24th June in London (Stansted Airport), Covering Shooting, Lighting, Editing and grading


As clients become more savvy and expect more polished corporate films, shooting cinematic Documentary is a high impact style and can be achieved without huge production costs. Perhaps you are a shooting producer keen to build on your skills. Either way you can produce a cinema experience with minimal crew.

You can also do it quickly if you are nimble and have the right shooting set up.

Den Lennie stared his career in TV news and he attributes much of his current shooting style and success to that base training. "news training taught me the importance of making quick decisions and working fast. Also to think in terms of editorial and visual storytelling.  When you work in news you never have any time - so when you get the opportunity to set up a shot you work twice as fast as anyone else, and you understand light because you have likely filmed in so many different environments."

Hands on Filming

The three day Advanced Cinematic Documentary Intensive is a fantastic opportunity to apply all the theory you have been learning on-line.

You get hands on in the shooting of a film and you end up with a video  you can put on your reel. Each class is limited in size and generally has between 4-6 attendees.  This means it  is very hands on and you get 1-2-1 tuition from Den

Each film is completed in only 3 days from scratch.

If you have bee struggling with any aspect of the production process then there is no better way to overcome that hurdle than by joining me and a very small group of committed film makers in a workshop.

The whole class is dedicated to showing you a sytemised approach, a layered process that will allow you to deliver consistent quality films every time - regardless of the topic, location and subject matter

Examples Film #1 -Anthony Breslin

Examples Film #2 - Old Bicycle Showroom

Example Film #3 -  Marlon Bennett/Breakdancer

Example Film #4 -  Bill Robinson/Photographer

Class Structure

Day 1 is Pre production planning and production

Day 2 is Post production - Ingest- Reviews - Sub clipping - Offline edit and rough cut

Day 3 is Finishing - Fine Cut - Music selection - Music and sound mix - Grading - exporting and review

Course details:

Advanced Cinematic Documentary shooting is a focused class on how to achieve high production value while shooting on large format camcorders that don't at first look seem suited to this style of shooting. Collectively during the 3 days we will make and edit a short documentary film.

This is a hands on practical class where you will shoot under the guidance of Den Lennie. You will be able to ask any questions that you have about how to marry the technical, aesthetic and editorial components that go into documentary film making that apply to corporate film making.

Den's method of teaching is all about hands on and interactive- this is as close to 1-2-1 mentoring as it gets. With this in mind he encourages you to bring your shooting gear and together you will work on your own set up and technique.

This event is an intensive and practical 3 day shooting production class and will cover Lighting, sound,shooting, editing and grading - and a strong theme of ‘on set’ editorial decision making.
— Den Lennie

Here are Some More Films Produced at Previous Workshops

Example Film #5 -  Eleanor Dubinsky/Musician

Example Film #6 -  Larry/Documentary Filmmaker

This is a Three day Intensive Where You  Learn AND  Create Content for Your Reel...

Here are some areas we'll cover on day 1:

Practical gear Considerations

* Rigging your camera for optimum shooting * Sound recording- choosing the right microphone combination * Shooting with prime lenses * Cinematic movement and support * How to cheat - visually * packing for travel - what is essential and what you can leave behind * Techniques for getting more gear on a plane than your allowance (legally) * Power solutions * Video Monitoring * Lighting gear for Documentary

Shooting approach and technique

* Where to start as a producer/director/shooter * How and when to ask the questions * What two you ask to capture all the narrative components * Managing the client and their expectations * What to do when things go wrong * shot composition and sequence building * Practical sessions - Shooting the film

* To light or not to light that is the question? * Positioning yourself to maximise light on location * Thinking in sequences - shooting the detail * Transition shots and b-roll * Interview on the run * Setting and recording great audio * Asking the right questions and how to get story from your subject * How to know when you have enough?

Here are some areas we'll cover on day 2:

Editing the film - aimed at developing your editorial decision making

Ingest & Review * Review of footage * What worked? What didn't and why? * What didn't work and why * Strategies for editing 30 mins of interview down to 3 minutes * Assembly of 1st cut * editorial decision making and creating a natural narrative * modifying the edit and creating a finer cut * Creating a final cut

I edit the documentary live in real time using FCP X.  We collectively make editorial decisions and form the narrative based on interview answers.  We focus on crafting a narrative first with the audio and then paint the B-roll to build the edit.  We will then work with the color grading tools in FCPX to correct and balance the edit.

  • Ingest and manage multiple media formats
  • Organise and keyword clips
  • Using interview, edit audio to create storyline
  • Build narrative structure
  • Select and edit B-Roll into sequence
  • trimming for time and pace
  • Review and mix audio
  • Title and graphics
  • Finish and export

Here are some areas we'll cover on day 3:

Finishing - This is about creating a systemised approach to post production

  • The importance of sleeping on an edit.  Fresh eyes will enable us to fine tune the edit.
  • revisiting the sequences and tightening up the edit.
  • Choosing and adding a music bed
  • Mixing the audio
  • Exporting to DaVinci Resolve Lite
  • Evaluating the grading tools on FCP X vs Magic Bullet Looks  vs Resolve Lite
  • 1st pass balancing and correcting in Resolve - step by step
  • 2nd pass grading a look
  • Tracking, keying and power windows to enhance the look of your films
  • Ensuring consistency across your grade
  • Final export and finishing back in FCP X

Here's what recent attendees of this class had to say:

Full price for this 3 day production intensive training is £1295 BUT if you book before Tuesday May 27th at 5pm you can save £300 and pay only £995

And there's more:

In addition we will review actual case studies from client projects we have produced. There is no need to re-invent the wheel.  There is a process that we use across all projects big and small.  During your time on the course we'll break down the how we did it on each of these global launch films.

Case Study 1 - Shooting The A7s Launch Film for Sony

4 days in Tokyo 2 shoot days, crew of 15, edit and grade in 48hrs (now with almost 500,000 views on YouTube)

Case Study 2 - Shooting Sony FS7 Launch film

2 shoot day  crew of 16, 2 edit days 1 day grade


Full price for this 3 day production intensive training is £1295 BUT if you book before Tuesday May 27th at 5pm you can save £300 and pay only £995


Case Study 3 - Shooting Sony FS5 Launch film

3 shoot day  crew of 18, 2 edit days 1 day grade

Plus how clients often want multiple deliverables from a project

Still need convincing?

"thanks again for a great Cinema Workshop at Zacuto Studio's in Chicago. I learned a lot and it was fantastic to finally meet you in person along with several of my peers. I think giving us all a chance to struggle a bit setting up our lighting before coming to help us fix and tweak was a great way for all of us learn. Prior to the workshop, I had not been satisfied with my backlight setups for hair and shoulder lighting and when you helped with my setup it cleared up my issues relative to backlighting. Turns out I was thinking too small in terms of how far back to move the backlight from the talent. When Craig, Stu and I setup the last lighting set for Randy's interview on the second day and I immediately realized we needed to pull our backlight farther behind Randy based on my learning the day before when we set up Craig's interview. I felt like Randy's interview was like a final exam for us. Since we our key light was coming from the window with a reflector fill, we did not have time get you and had to shoot the video after the lighting setup. I though the result of Randy's interview looked pretty good...nothing like doing it to reinforce the learning.

Really enjoyable to collaborate with my peers on the project. The group was so diverse that the range of ideas was excellent. Would enjoy working with all the folks again in the future.

Having full access to the Zacuto studio was a "10" deal, really fantastic! Randy and I compare notes frequently on just how fantastic the workshop was! It has made a lasting impression on all of us.

Thanks again"

Michael Toffan, Cincinatti,OH


This event is exclusively for those motivated enough to come and spend just two days with me to transform their filmmaking skills and confidence. In only 48 hrs we will transform your film making ability - Guaranteed

Confirm your place today to guarantee that you don't miss out on the chance to be part of this exclusive experience

Full price for this 3 day production intensive training is £1295 BUT if you book before Friday May 27th at 5pm you can save £300 and pay only £995

What other students said about their Masterclass experience:

Full price for this 3 day production intensive training is £1295 BUT if you book before May 27th at 5pm you can save £300 and pay only £995

More Feedback On F-Stop Academy  Workshops

"Thanks a lot for a great workshop!  I really enjoyed it.

I felt that I learned a lot from participating in such a relevant process. Rarely one gets to observe professionals at all stages of a process, and at the same time get hands-on and ask questions. This workshop really boost my confidence - I feel better equipped to carry out similar projects in the future. "

Sølve Huse-Amundsen, Oslo Norway

" Thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass and wanted to do it all over again when it came to an end!

All the contributors had invaluable knowledge to impart as well as being honest and good fun to talk to. I found the price of the course to be an investment rather than a cost, because what I learned could be translated straight into my work.

Thank you F-Stop Academy for a fantastic experience and I look forward working with you again!"

Daniel Nakamura-Craig, UK

"This is the right place for you if you want to increase your knowledge in this industry.

I have completed the video masterclass 2011 and found it really interesting, you learn really good techniques from well experienced people."

Franklin Cachia, Malta

"Following last weeks Masterclass with Den. I just wanted to offer a huge thanks and say how much I enjoyed the four day Masterclass course. It was so interesting and informative and at times really hard work (enjoyable) particularly on the day of the shoot. That day was a real eye opener to see how well the professionals work together to produce a stunning music video of Kelly Waters.

 I took a lot away with me, I am hoping that I can use that valuable experience in improving my own film making capabilities."

 Andy Demetriou, Broxbourne, UK

 "I have really used the knowledge I have gained from this workshop to my advantage in projects that I have been working on since attending. I think one of the key take aways for me has been to "simplify" my lighting setups. Not only has it given me better images, but has also dramatically reduced my set up time.

I also really appreciate the attention to detail you gave all of us, and the quality time we had with you. The beer and pizza in the evenings was also a great time....the learning never ended :)"

Clint Regehr, Frisco, TX

"The course was a fantastic opportunity to see professional filmmaking up close and it represents an important milestone in my film making career."

Paul Welton, Hertfordshire, UK

"Thanks Den and thanks to the group, Sergio, Craig, Stuart and my buddy Mike. The experience was fantastic and I am working with more confidence applying the learned techniques. Looking forward to the next opportunity to advance my skill-set.

Also, thanks to Rachel, Steve and Jens of Zacuto!! Just a great community!"

Randy Noland, Mayseville,KT

"This is awesome. From the bottom of my heart I have to say this was one of my favorite learning experiences, the group of people was awesome and diverse so we got to learn not only from Den, who as everyone in this industry knows is very hands on and just great, but I also learned from everyone the group..."

Sergio Pizzolante, Miami,FL

"Den, thank you for a fantastic workshop...the experience was incredible! There is no substitute for hands on training in a small group like this. I was able to resolve a number of lighting issues that I had been struggling to improve on my own. The improvement in my lighting technique since the workshop is very apparent and I look forward to future lessons.

Clint, Sergio, Craig and Stuart great to meet each of you and a bonus working with all of you. Let's be sure to keep in contact. Randy always great collaborating with you in the Cincinnati area and it was an added bonus to collaborate during the workshop."

Mike Toffan, Cincinnatti,OH

Full price for this 3 day production intensive training is £1295 BUT if you book before May 27th at 5pm you can save £300 and pay only £995 

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P.S. I firmly believe...

if you can’t succeed with the Blueprint I give you in this masterclass, then I think you’ll struggle to succeed any other way. It’s not about working harder or even about working smarter… it’s about working a COMPLETELY different way from anything you’ve done before.

Full price for this 3 day production intensive training is £1295 BUT if you book before May 27th at 5pm you can save £300 and pay only £995