4K recording for Sony NEX-FS700 (two options)

After hinting that we might see something soon, Sony have officially released their 4K recording path for the FS700.

In addition and rather unexpected Convergent Design have been granted a licence to provide an external recording path for the FS700 using their new Odyssey7Q


Juan Martinez- Senior Product Manager for Sony explains all in this short video

OPTION 1 - Sony

With an optional firmware upgrade the NEX-FS700E will output 4K bitstream data over 3G HD-SDI. The HXR-IFR5 interface unit has a 3G HD-SDI input and will produce the 4K RAW data to record onto the Access Memory Card in the AXS-R5 Recorder.

The 4K RAW format output by the NEX-FS700E is 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution and the available frame rates are 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p and 59.94p. After recoding the 4K RAW data onto the Access Memory Card the workflow is the same as for the newly announced PMW-F5.

The HXR-IFR5 interface unit allows the Full-HD Super Slow Motion NEX-FS700E camcorder to capture stunning 4K RAW movie footage with the AXS-R5RAW recorder. The NEX-FS700E camcorder features a state-of-the-art 4K Super 35 ExmorCMOS sensor (total 11.6 million pixels). With an optional advanced firmware upgrade, the NEX-FS700E will output 4K bitstream data over 3G HD-SDI. The HXR-IFR5 interface unit has a 3G HD-SDI input and will transfer the RAW 4K data to record on to the Access Memory Card in the AXS-R5 recorder.

3G HD-SDI allows NEX-FS700EK to record RAW 4K on AXS memory
NEX-FS700E capture stunning 4K RAW movie footage with the AXS-R5RAW recorder over 3G HD-SDI. 4K RAW and 2K RAW recordings
The 4K RAW (4096 x 2160) and 2K RAW (2048 x 1080) format output by the NEX-FS700E is available in 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p and 59.94p. After recording the 4K RAW or 2K RAW data on to the Access Memory Card, the workflow will be the same as the PMW-F5. 2K/4K RAW High Frame Rate recordings
 The HXR-IFR5 allows the NEX-FS700E to capture 4K RAW at High Frame Rate (HFR) of 100 frames per second (fps) or 120 fps for approximately 4 seconds, and 2K RAW at 100 fps, 120 fps, 200 fps or 240 fps continuous recording.

Media Costs


Convergent Design SSD's approx $1 per GB

AXSM 512 Gb is around $1800 per card


OPTION2 - Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q - due to ship in Mid July

Will record 2k raw output 240fps continuously for 45 minutes using 2 x 960GB And 4K up to 30fps.

Now beware- Not to spoil the party BUT…

In order to record 4K from the FS700 you will need the Odyssey 7Q. which starts at $2295 without SSD's or Codecs…. just bear that in mind when pricing up and comparing solutions.

The 960GB high performance SSD's are likely to be $1000 each.

Not that this is unreasonable cost for what it does but you need to factor in the additional media and code costs - but you can rent your codecs, top up your unit with credits and use as you need which is really neat.

But let's start with the fact that the base unit is a 7.7" OLEF monitor for $1295…. but the unique nature of this means you can upgrade the functionality to a full external recorder. This reduced the need to have a separate monitor and external recover - I like this very much. The power draw will be around 8-15watts so manageable.

Monitor features:

  • 1280x800 Resolution
  • 720P native
  • WV, RGB parade, histogram, vector scope, focus assist
  • TC display and audio level meters
  • Bluetooth control for iPhone/Android control of functions
  • 1" thick and includes 2 slots for high performance SSD'
  • Magnesium case 1.2lb's

Recorder features

  • Ability to rent CODEC's as you need them
  • Avid DNX HD
  • Can add
  • Uncompressed RGB 4.4.4 up top 60P
  • Arri Raw
  • Canon Raw

(and I guess from reading between the lines, ProRes will be an option at some point after licensing - around Dec 2013)

More detailed information from Convergent Design website:

1. Purchase a full license, or rent, the appropriate recording options.

Out-of-the-box, Odyssey7 & Odyssey7Q products are monitors only, without any recording or playback capabilities.  Recording options must be purchased (or rented) separately from the Convergent Design website, available 24/7, via a secure credit-card transaction. A wide range of recording options will be available, including compressed, uncompressed and various flavors of RAW.

2. Purchase Convergent Design 2.5" SSD media.

To record video, Convergent Design 240/480/960 GB SSD(s) must be inserted into the unit. These SSD’s are very competitively priced (TBA in May 2013), and are available through our dealer network.

Further Clarification

Demo Mode

In order to test recording options, there is a way to enable a demo mode for all of the options. Just purchase, or rent, any recording option, and all recording options in the Odyssey7 or 7Q will be enabled for testing, but will include a watermark in the recorded images. Of course, the specific recording option purchased or rented will not have a watermark (for the duration of the rental period, in the case of a rental).


All recorded video, of any format, can be played back in any Odyssey7 or 7Q, 
even if the rental period has expired.  Video recorded in demo mode will always include a permanent watermark. Renting Recording Formats

Recording options may be rented in increments of 24 clock-hour rental periods, from 2 to 30 days. Each rental provides an authorization code which may cover multiple 24 hour periods. When the authorization code is entered into the Odyssey7 or 7Q, and validated, then you may activate the 24 clock hour rental period at a time of your choosing, which may be days, weeks or months later.

The activated authorization code removes the watermark for the recording option, thus allowing recordings without a watermark. Each rental period times out after 24 hours of clock time. If multiple days were activated, then the timeout is after the appropriate number of 24-hour periods. Users will have the option to deactivate and save any unused full days for future use. For example, you purchase a 7-day ARRIRAW rental and enable the rental for 
7-days.  After one and a half days, some unforeseen event interrupts the shoot for a week.  You can then deactivate the rental and save 5-days for future use.  This ability to reschedule a rental, coupled with the demo mode (for setup and test days) makes the Odyssey recording rental far more flexible and cost-effective compared to tradition rental programs.   Rentals may be billed to a particular shoot, eliminating the need to amortize a full license purchase over future productions.

Here's a video shot by newsshooter.com