Andrea Corr Live : Pale Blue Eyes

This project - filmed in June 2011 - was very much last minute. I got the call just 24 hours before the gig! Andrea Corr had just launched a new album and needed two tracks from this one-off gig to promote it on TV shows. The budget was minimal.

We had seven cameras - but only four camera operators. A Sony F3 for the master shot; two Sony EX-3's; the rest were Canon 7Ds and 550Ds.

I had a 70-200mm zoom lens filming a BCU for all 90 minutes of the gig. I couldn't have done it without my Miller Compass 25 tripod.

This was the first time I used a Zacuto EVF in anger! In association with James Tonkin of


Andrea Corr: 'Pale Blue Eyes' live at Union Chapel from HANGMAN | F-STOP on Vimeo.