Canon DSLR Video Training

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Canon DSLR video training 1-2-1 session

Client Requirement: Canon DSLR video training, Canon 5D Mark II

Client: Mark Edwards (day job - CEO of Mergers and Acquisitions Company), keen Photographer.

Brief: Mark has never filmed anything with his Canon DSLR and wanted video training so he could produce client testimonial videos and corporate videos for his company website using his canon dslr.

Training Delivered: 2 days - Canon dslr video training on location. 1 day - Edit training on Final Cut Pro X

What is it? 1-2-1 Canon dslr video training is an fast track for professional people who are short of time but are highly motivated to achieve a transformational growth in their understanding and skillset when shooting dslr video using their canon dslr.  The ideal duration is 1-3 days depending on how far you would like to progress.

The main objective is to get past the technical considerations and to focus on the creative applications and use of a moving image. As a photographer Mark had a good solid understanding of exposure and framing for stills .  However we are able to translate that knowledge into shooting video for dslr and understanding the subtle but significant changes in how you shoot.

Other key considerations:

  • White Balance - why auto WB will not work in video
  • Fluid head Tripod - Your existing stills tripod is not going to work for shooting movies
  • Moving the camera in a cinematic way
  • learning to control exposure at slow shutter speeds
  • recording sound to an external recorder and discovering the right microphone for the job
  • The art of building a sequence and shooting enough B-Roll
  • What is the 180 degree rule and how do you use it in practice

This film was shot by Mark after 1 day of coaching.  He had a Canon 5D Mark II but had never shot any video. We spent the day helping Mark understand the key differences between shooting stills and video. His transformation after only 1 day was incredible.  Canon dslr video training really can be an extremely effective way to save weeks and months getting frustrated with trying to learn from forums and other internet blogs.

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