Episode #11 - Den Lennie Talks Colour Grading with Warren Eagles

Warren Eagles is a Colorist and a very good one too.... I learned to grade with Warren at one of his intensive color grading workshops that he holds around the world.  He also set up icolorist.com along with some of the worlds top colorists to offer workshops and resources for anyone looking to learn more about  the art and craft of grading. [powerpress]

Warren Eagles

We talk about:

  • colour grading and what it brings to production
  • colour grading panels and are they useful?
  • the art of colour grading
  • resources that can help you if you want to try grading

This podcast runs for 21'16 and as always you can download it and listen on your devices or in the car.

If you want to learn more about Warren and his workshops check out his great website icolorist.com [3 Reports Red]