Episode #15 - Success story Clint Regehr shares shooting a feature length documentary

Clint Regehr is a great success story and I'm very proud that I helped him achieve his goals. 18 months ago Clint was selling software and now he's just screened a feature length documentary in a movie theatre in Dallas, TX. So how did he do it? This podcast reveals all:


In this packed episode we cover:

• How Clint only Started his film making business 18 months ago • He is a passionate amateur for many years • He got tired of the day job and so quit to become a full time film maker • His big break with Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys! • The value of shooting customer testimonial videos • How he is developing his filming of commercial real estate videos • How to overcome the hurdles of 'lacking experience' • What options do you have if you don't have time for film school • Clint's advice on getting professional help • The valuable support he gets from the fstopacademy.com private Facebook group (excusively for attendees of our workshops) • How he ended up shooting a feature length documentary • The 80 separate shooting days he put into the project • How he got his film screened at a 'sold out' premiere • He's now been featured on Audio network Video of the week and a full article for Sony • What it was like to see his film on the big screen • With 80 separate filming segments he ended up with 4TB of footage • Why he chose the FS700 as A Cam and the FS100 as BCam • How he covered the games and what challenges he had to overcome • Post production set up and workflow • Lessons learned - What would he do differently in future? • Why a feature length documentary? • What it has meant for his video business? • How he was able to raise his rates • Understanding the V=B-C formula • What's next for Clint's growth plans to scale the business • The importance of professional advice along the way


Clint Regehr can be found at the following url's:



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The Film Trailer


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