Ep #16- Rodney Charters ASC chats with Den Lennie

Rodney Charters ASC needs little introduction. Den Lenie, Rodney Crharters ASC  & Mick Jones at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood

So how did he go from shooting super 8 films in his fathers photo studio in his native New Zealand to becoming one of the most sought after Prime Time DP's for US TV

This podcast reveals all:


In this packed episode we cover:

  • How Rodney got started in his career
  • Working with Ridley and Tony Scott
  • Filming with the IRA...
  • What path that took from documentary to TV drama
  • How he 'blagged' his way to a union card in London
  • His go to documentary kit and lenses - (You may be surprised to learn what lenses he carries)
  • What we are doing at Lords Cricket Ground in london
  • How he prepares for a TV series like Dallas
  • What he does on set to get the look
  • And much more


Rodney at ASC awards 2013

Rodney Charters can be found at the following url's:



[3 Reports Red] Check out the BTS from Oblivion where you can see the projections Rodney refers to in the podcast (thanks to Gavin Bearfield-Boyd for finding it)