Episode #9 - Den Lennie Talks Canon C300 in New York with Jem Schofield from The C47

Jem Schofield is a Producer, DP , Director and educator...just like me. He's lovely fellow and we have been communicating on twitter for a couple of years now. [powerpress]

Den Lennie & Jem Schofield Talk C300 in New York

In this episode I caught up with Jem (back in August 2012 when he'd just wrapped a 3 day shoot for Canon on the C300)

In this brief that Jem and I shoot the breeze on camera formats and the massive choice now available to film makers no mater what your budget.


Podcast Highlights:


  • 1:35 What have you been doing here for the last couple of days?
  • 2:20 Talking about how much of a powerful tool the C300 is.
  • 3:15 Talking about crop factors and full frame sensors.
  • 5:40 Q for Jem – What is your take on full frame sensors, and what the other options are?

This podcast is a short one this week and runs for 9'22 and as always you can download it and listen on your devices or in the car.

If you want to learn more from Jem check out his great website www.thec47.com

The 10 x C300 'how to' videos are available from the Canon Digital Learning Centre http://learn.usa.canon.com/galleries/galleries/tutorials/eos_c300_tutorials_gallery.shtml

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