I feel like a Young Film Making Jedi...

With many Masters to learn from....


Bruce Logan ASC


Every now and again an opportunity will present itself to you and you have a choice…

Ignore it?

Or move everything to make it happen and grab it with both arms outreached.... Cancel everything I'm on my way!

In Late January of this year I had a conversation with Steve Weiss. (For those of you who are not familiar with Steve, he is a Photographer, Director, Storyteller and Film maker - He's a lover not a fighter and I'm proud to call him my friend. He also runs Zacuto alongside his good friend &  talented DP Jens Bogehegn)

We had a conversation about the next big Zacuto camera test and I presented a case for the FS100 being included. Steve said 'alright, but you will have to work with Mick Jones'. So I naturally agreed.

I'd never met Mick but we'd exchanged a few twitter messages about our love of the Sony FS100 so we arranged to skype and hit it off immediately. The key to our friendship is the complete and utter lack of ego... and utter respect for what each other could bring to the party... two minds are infinitely better than one when creating.

Cinematographers Den Lennie & Mick Jones

And, as they say, the rest is history…

So I landed in a cold and windy Chicago in late February and so began the most immersive, collaborative week of my career. 9and enjoyable)

0ver 60 people on set and Mick and I were given the grand title of Master Cinematographers which is a title graciously accepted although when we are mentioned in the same sentence as Rodney Charters ASC, Nancy Schreiber ASC, Michael Negrin ASC and the Test administrator Bruce Logan ASC we were extremely humbled to be in such acclaimed company.

So we did our thing... (more on that in episode 2 - July 15th)

Episode One. Nine cameras. Nine cinematographers. One complex party scene with a 14 stop range. Each DP was asked to shoot the scene based on their knowledge and expertise of a particular camera. There was no reference camera used. The impressive line-up of DPs and the camera arsenal included:

IPhone 4S - Michael Koerbel Panasonic GH2 - Colt Semen and Jonny Zellar Canon 7D - Michael Negrin ASC Sony FS100 - Den lennie and Mick Jones Canon C300 - Polly Morgan Sony F3 - Nancy Shreiber ASC Arri Alexa - Rodney Charters ASC Red Epic - Ryan E Walters Sony F65 - Sony representatives

But this is not all as it seems... because this year is different. Very different. This is no ordinary camera test as you will discover...

Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout

Click on this link to be taken to the film


If you would like to see the first eposiode of the 3 part documentary then grab a coffee and kick back for the next 30 minutes and immerse yourself in the Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout Part 1. (click on the image above to go to Zacuto to watch the film)


The Camera Masters at work:



Cinematographer Ryan E Walters

Cinematographers Den Lennie & Mick Jones

Cinematographer Rodney Charters

Cinematographer Polly Morgan