OConnor o-box, is this the best matte box in the world?

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oconnor o-box

It's possible that the oconnor o-box is the best matte box in the world.  At Cinegear 2012 I shot this video with Eric Johnston from Oconnor.  I'll be honest I always thought Oconnor products were only for high end film work - and while that is certainly true they have a range of very affordable tools if you are looking for film industry quality at a cost that rivals the mainstream DSLR market - however the difference is when you buy oconnor you are getting durability and a legacy of quality.

The Oconnor O-Box is an absolutely first class matte box  capable of not only holding your filters 4x4 and 4x 5.65 but you can connect the matte box to the O-grips which in turn give you a very durable handle attached to the matte box.     The Oconnor o-Box is the only matte box I know (other than Arri) that has been designed to work in this way allowing the operator to shoulder mount the entire camera rig and hold the entire camera rig from the matte box!  This thing is tough.

Check out the  oconnor o-box and camera accessories video:

The O-Grips are very very strong and once you tighten them they are rock solid. The matte box can be bar mounted on 15 or 19mm rods or lens mounted. it wil work on a Carl Zeiss CP.2 and will also not vignette down to 18mm focal length.


O-Box WM Kit:

The basic WM Mattebox, two 4 x 4 ” filter frames, two 4 x 5.65 ” size filter frames and provision for a third 138mm filter (via optional Bellows Ring) as well as: • Lightweight, rugged Wide Mini Sunshade of proprietary composite material • Two stages; front fixed/ rear rotatable 360 degrees • 18mm + wide angle capability in 16:9 format • Two 4”x4” filter frames • Two 4”x5.65” horizontal filter frames • Integrated top flag mounting bracket with 1/4 & 3/8 tapped cheese stick • Top Flag • Rod interface for 15mm LWS standard • O-Grips 3/8” interface on left, center bottom, and right sides • Rear clamping interface @ 150mm • 138mm round filter (rotatable) held via optional Bellows Ring Options • Optional side and bottom flags/brackets • Universal mask set • Clamp adapters • Bellows and reduction rings

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You can find more information from http://www.ocon.com/

Oconnor also make a very versatile follow focus called the O-Focus Dual Mini

What makes this unique is that the gearing can be set to work on dslr photo lenses and also cine lenses.

OConnor o-focus Dual mini

The precision gear drive of the main bridge is designed with a gear ratio of 1:0.75 so that 360 degrees of input (rotation of the handwheel) results in 270 degrees of output (rotation of the drive gear). Two versions of the O-Focus DM, the Photo Set and the Cine Set, utilize different handwheels to apply a unique transmission output in order to optimize rotation for the relevant lens type.

So if like me you have a mixture of photo and cine lenses then this could be the one size fits all solution you've been waiting for.

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