Testing the V3.0 Firmware on Sony PMW-F5

Adam Mondon setting up the F5I spent the day with my ace camera assistant Adam Mondon testing the new V3.0 firmware on the PMW-F5

I wanted to just see how different the images looked when comparing in the same frame.  I also wanted to test over exposing to see how far I could go.  I only pushed 3 stops over.

I shot in the following curves:

  • Std Gamma 1
  • HG 7
  • S-Log 2 (normal mode)
  • S-Log 3 /S-Gamut mode
  • S-Log 3 Cine IE mode

Here's the video:

Once the ProRes file has finished uploading you can download it here and see for yourself.  Please note the file is 4.01 GB is size, and is offered for free.*


*N.B. We cannot answer support questions of you are unable to download the file, sorry.