Tokina Cinevise their popular 11-16mm zoom

The Tokina 11-16 f2.8 has been a well documented wide zoom used by film makers everywhere and highly regarded by shooters everywhere for it's excellent optical qualities at a very keen price point. In fact it's my suspicion that many of the 3rd party 'cinevised' 11-16 lenses out there such as the Zunow 11-16 are in fact just rehoused Tokina optics. But with a $4k pricetag . Other solutions are rehoused by Japanese firm GL Optical Technical Farm

So Tokina have taken the bull by the horns and created their own cine lens.

This is rated at T3.0 but that is in effect still an f2.8 lens. A T-Stop is simply amore precise measurement of light trasmission through the glass taking into account absorption as it passes through the glass.


Two New Lenses

11-16mm T3.0 APSC rated 

  • Sub $2000
  • Declicked
  • fully mechanical - no autofocus
  • Nikon, Canon mount available
  • Will vignette on any full frame DSLR when used at wider than 16mm) But still a great 16mm T3 prime at 16mm on a full frame sensor. But will be absolutely fine on S35mmm and smaller sensors.

16-28mm T3.0   Full frame lens

  • T3.0
  • Manual aperture
  • Declicked aperture
  • Canon, Nikon & PL mount
  • Available around July
  • $5500 list price (all mounts same price)

My Opinion

I think the 11-16mm Tokina is a great lens for the price- Optically very sharp and so I think the de-clicked iris and manual-isation of this will be very worth while if you shoot a lot at this focal length. I'll be interested to get my hands on this top feel build quality and try it on a camera.

Thanks to Matt Jepson from Fresh DV for shooting this video