Why it's harder for Engineers to become film makers...

I have many friends who are engineers…. Engineer working on a steam train

This is a little surprising because engineering is about as far removed from a creative process as can be.

Typical creative mindset is scattered, chaotic and emotional...

Engineering (or at least my perception of it) is largely about line by line detail and process. I have one very dear friend who has literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on film making gear.  He has everything, and the latest of everything.

He spends hours and days researching, looking on forums, asking questions to the, hanging on the every word of his blogging "guru's".  He's an engineer desperately wanting to be a film maker - and he needs to get out of his own way.


He never films anything...

This got me thinking?

Another engineer friend explained that engineers "obsess about the detail" , the revisions, often making 6 or 10 versions of a document, or prototype to "Get it Right"

So what is right?

Film makers in sillouhette

In film making there is no right - just story.

And this creates a problem for the classic engineer mindset.

Working with many hundreds of film makers in the last 5 years I've recognised this trend.

Engineers CAN become great film makers but there are some fundamental hurdles to overcome.

Here are 7 tips to help the engineer overcome this hurdle:

1) At least recognise the obsessive attention to detail and learn to manage it 2) Good is good enough - It is better to make 5 short films and learn form each than try and perfect only one. 3) Talking about being a film maker does not make you a film maker. 4) Make a film this week - Set yourself a target and as NIKE say's "Just Do It" 5) Buying the latest gear will not move you measurably closer to your film making goal. 6) The hardest part of film making is getting started. Take your camera and one lens and go and film something today. 7) Film making is a passion so go with your heart - feel the story and see it through your minds eye.  It's your voice.  Even if you choose not to show it to anyone - That's ok too. So long as you are doing something.

Nobody was born with camera in their hand.

Baby and his dad

The greatest film makers learn by doing.

It really is very logical and straight forward.

Now logic is something Engineers have in abundance.

Go film something today


P.S. If you need some help with a structured and logical process then you can always take the create the film look programme to give you an environment to work within. http://www.fstopacademy.com/create-the-film-look/ If you need a helping hand then this will do it for you.

Either way I urge you to film something!

Good luck and have fun.