Why it's OK to fire difficult clients

The Formidable Sir Alan Sugar (courtesy of BBCTV)

Running a business is not a democracy…

And not all customers are created equal (despite them thinking they should be)

You should never be at the mercy of a customer who is a pain in the arse…

This especially important in the film making industry.

The problem is too many people feel compelled to say yes to every request, demand and whim of a customer.

And we are seen as more touchy feely in the creative world


Film making takes huge effort, hours and days of pre production, planning, costs, people, time, expensive equipment, sweat and tears...

let me ask you this…

Should a customer spending £995 be treated the same as someone spending £50?

No, absolutely not.

Imagine paying for a discounted economy airline ticked then asking the check in desk if you can have a discount off the 1st class seat because you can't afford it?

Ludicrous thinking ….

Equally a client spending a few hundred pounds on a video should not be allowed to drain your precious time, and resources as a client spending 10 x that amount.

Furthermore just because they spent money with you in the past is not a right of passage to have you roll over and have them tickle your belly either.

If you deliver a great service and they paid for it …unless they asked for a refund you can safely assume it delivered for them at the price they were happy to pay.

Clients and customers in some cases always focus on the cost...

If you are providing amazing value and believe in your product then stick to your guns and charge what you are worth - not what they are willing to pay.

If you succumb to bottom feeding cheap price mongrels you can only go one way....down! Trust me , people who want cheap are cheap.

I have many examples of clients willing to pay a fair price for the work you do as a film maker because they appreciate the value.

Contrary to common belief only around 20% of the nation ever buy on price alone...

So the moral of this tale is..

It's ok to not deal with people who are hard work and demand 5* service while wanting a discounted 2 * price

As I said at the start...

Running a business is not a democracy… (thankfully I love 99% of my customers but there's always the odd 1 here and there)

Do you have customers who you'd like to fire? I'd love to hear your experiences.