If You Could Double Your Video Business in the next 6-12 Months, What Would That Mean For You? 

Dear filmmaker,

  • Do you struggle to get high quality clients?

  • Are you earning what you really want?

  • Do you find yourself saying “if only I could find more time”

  • Is balancing work and family life causing friction at home?

  • Does it feel like you are on the hamster wheel?

It’s not your fault…

The market is saturated with video shooters and clients seem to have less money to spend.

When working on a project you most likely  don't have much time left to think about marketing, sales, and lead generation.

Learning how to stand out and find your niche market is hard.

As creatives, we tend to focus too much on the creative without ever putting any focus into the art of business as well.

The problem resides "outside” of just being able to produce quality work.

The good news is, there are very few problems you can't solve  with good marketing and systems.

Planning is at the heart of transforming your current situation into one of hope.

What if you could learn how to Market your business and balance time with your friends and family?

Believing that it is possible to balance it all and feel proud of your achievements and  that it's not just for the established filmmakers of the world but you too.

Understanding that success IS there, you just have believe it and to do it!! 

This can all change with a little help from me and just 2 days of your time

  • What If you could the obstacle of managing your time?
  • Develop a fool proof system for getting more done in less time ?
  • Discover an automated and manageable marketing process
  • and learning how to sell ethically and without ever cold calling?

What would that be worth to you?

If you are serious about making a fundamental change and are willing to invest 2 days with me then I promise you a transformation

Want an example of what can happen when you take action...?

Are You Ready to Get Results Like Louise?

Introducing The Filmmakers Business Academy Business Accelerator and Implementation Bootcamp.

This is a 2 day closed door event where we will show you an exact formula for mastering the 5 key pillars of growth. I will also share the exact process Louise followed to achieve her repeatable results. 

Some of the key areas we'll be covering in depth are:

  • Mindset - How to overcome the limiting beliefs you hold may around money, rates and how much  you can charge clients. 

  • Planning - Setting measurable strategic goals that allow you to implement on a regular basis that moves you steadily towards your goal

  • Marketing - How to leverage social media and lead generation strategies to build a constant flow of leads

  • Sales - How to sell to clients without being pushy, needy or desperate. Instead an ethical and powerful way to win business every time

  • Leadership - How to manage your team, crew, freelancers and clients. Plus a powerful way to combat stressful situations

Plus we'll be focussing on:

  • A vital process for managing stressful situations and how to reverse the effects instantly every time so you return to a neutral state and avoid making bad decisions under the pressure of the situation (ever woken up with a hangover and regretted something you said or did the night before...?)
  • How to create  a plan so focussed on your ultimate goal that every day you are not on production, you have a measurable set of goals and tasks that removes all distraction and increases your productivity by 100% or more
  • We'll be developing and implementing a social media strategy (in the room) one that builds a raving fan base of highly motivated prospects and fans. Strategies for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn...


Introducing The sales Matrix - how to get clients to commit and press go. I have never shared this anywhere before. This is my method for selling all of my products and services at the highest level.   I am going to walk you through exactly how to do it and give you a handout in the room so you can use it as a template for selling to your own clients.  This alone is worth at least £5,000. You will never ever feel that sinking felling when selling again.If finally overcoming the obstacle  selling could mean true freedom and comfort?  

What would that be worth to you?

As creatives, we tend to focus too much on the creative without ever putting any focus into the art of business as well. 

Book before Friday 27th May at 5pm and save £300

The Full price of this 2 day interactive live event is £995 but if you book before Friday 27th May  at 5PM you pay just £695

Imagine Not having to worry about if you can take time off, how much will it hurt you, it would mean being able to help out your family when they need it most, it would mean taking more time off to focus on others rather than yourself and your business.