Lighting for Beginners

A training program that covers the fundamentals of video lighting. 16 chapters of principles and practical demonstration. Both isn studio, on location and how to control light outdoors.

Skill Level: Novice 

HOW to Shoot INTERVIEWs.png

How to Shoot Interviews

If you have ever struggled with ho to make a boring boardroom look interesting then this series of video lessons could be your answer. Filmed over 2 days  this series of 16 tutorials shows you how to make the ordinary look great in a step by step guide which includes lighting diagrams.

Skill Level: Novice/Intermediate

Advanced Video Lighting

A more advanced program that demonstrates some more challenging location lighting set ups. Including a series of 'done-for-you' examples

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

How to Shoot Sequences

This 4 module program focusses on Framing, Composition and how to create flowing visual sequences. There are fundamental skills videos and a number of case studies filmed in real time plus a film challenge for you to submit and have critiqued

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Under The Hood Business Seminar

This recording of a closed door business Seminar co-presented by Filthy Look Films in Sydney discusses the key practical strategies you should be employing to build a profitable video production business.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Video Business Supremacy mentoring program

If you want to build your business faster then this program offers  monthly tutorials, Teleseminars and a 12 page printed newsletter delivered to your door. Each month covers strategy and tactics to help you market to your ideal customers. There is also a private members Facebook group with 24/7 support and you can submit marketing pieces for critique.