Dear Film Maker, In a recent article, award winning cinematographer Mathew Libatique ASC said "In cinematography, forget DSLR's, forget film, forget everything - it's all about lighting and exposure. That separates the talented people from the untalented in storytelling. If you know how to light, you know how to expose"

Ironically, DSLR's in general are easy to use, but you have to be way more precise. If you really want to maintain the detail in your highlights, or if you want to give the impression of dynamic range, you actually have to know how to achieve that as a DP. If you are an achiever and if you're at all like me, you are always looking for the 'edge', looking to make sure you know everything you need to enable you to maximise your effectiveness and fulfillment, both as a creative person and as a Film Maker. If that's you, I have some very important information for you.

Over the last few years, there have been dramatic breakthroughs in video production technology, but it doesn't mean that because there are new tools available, achieving great lighting is any easier. In fact, the array of technology can be confusing and it is easy to get stuck with the gear you need, rather than learning how to light video effectively. This is where Video Lighting for Beginners will help you.


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